“Can I Keep You Forever?” – Jazzmin B. Holmes

Posted is my first and only short film. During spring 2011 semester in the class, Introduction to Video Production with Madeline Lim, I produced “Can I Keep You Forever?,” a 6 minute romantic-”mockumentary” short. Charlie, an elderly man, finds a box containing a letter which sets the tone of the movie. Then, he narrates the story about his past love with his recently deceased wife. As Charlie tells this story, we see flashbacks into their relationship. Later, he walks to their favorite place in the park to read the letter; revealing to Charlie and us, Lily, his wife, wrote him this later when she was younger to elaborate about her love for him and to ask if they can stay together forever.

The theme captured was love. Inspired by my own experience and view of love, this film was untypical for a girl who never delved into romance movies and books. Charlie’s and Lily’s love story displays and demonstrates an everlasting love that is rare in today’s society.

For my first short film, I believe most of the elements worked well together. First, the black and white interviews with elderly Charlie and the colorful flashbacks of Charlie and Lily portrayed the comparison of Charlie’s heartbroken state of his wife’s death to his vivid memories of their love. Most of the shots for the flashbacks (the cinematography) paralleled Charlie’s narration enhancing his story and capturing the visual beauty of their love. Lastly, my actors did an excellent job encompassing the roles they were given and developing that in front of the camera!

Also, there are some places that could use improvement or a little more work and time on. First, I think the script could have used more attention and more development within the two monologues; and this is also where I would like to focus a majority of my energy on for my next film. For a first film (and with alright writing skills), I feel like the script was good; however, I would like to mature as a scriptwriter and begin to have more flowing, natural dialogue.

Although this was new for me, I feel like the concept was not as original as I originally thought. After the film came out, multiple friends commented on how it reminded them of the Notebook which I have never seen before. However, how the story was captured (filmic language), I believe that it helped to make the short distinct and “stand for itself.”


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