The Misgivings of a Disorder

So this film is the first and only short film that I’ve made. It was created back in the Spring of 2010 in Danny’s intro to video class. Basically my partner and I came up with a pretty simple idea to make a comedy. We didn’t realize though how difficult making a comedy as your first film could be. The story of this film is this: This guy Matt is diagnosed with ADD. The film goes through different scenes of him doing something or talking to someone, and then all of a sudden having his ADD take effect in different over dramatic situations. My partner thought that his friend would be perfect for the role, and it turned out that he did a pretty good job. However, our other “actors” didn’t turn out so well, especially the guy that Matt attacks at the very end of the film. The story mainly just focuses around Matt and his struggle with ADD, though we decided to take a comical approach to it because we both thought that this disorder can be rather humorous at times. I think that we made this film with the absence of a central theme, and it made it even harder to convey a theme considering our film ended rather abruptly. We had an idea for how to wrap up the film at the end, with his girlfriend calling him back and him apologizing and talking to her, and then at the very end for him to be distracted by one last thing. We basically ran out of time though because of the availability of our actors. We shot this film pretty much in one afternoon which didn’t leave us a lot of time to do anything else with it. Our main actor was going to be unavailable for us to use in the future, so we just had to go with what we had. The film could’ve been much better, but we ran into some pretty difficult obstacles, specifically the availability of our main actor. It was extremely rushed at the end and it didn’t end how we wanted it too. I wasn’t too proud of this film, but it was our first effort and the only film I have to show for this blog. Our film does follow a three act structure, and we really didn’t have to put a lot of thought into that. It has a very quick beginning where we set the scene and introduce the character as well as the conflict. The middle of the film shows him continuing to struggle with his ADD problem. The only act that is sort of messed up is the end because it doesn’t provide much closure and it doesn’t really wrap anything up. But like I said, we were forced to go with what we had. If


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