A Fool and His Money

I made this narrative short last semester in Anjali’s 16mm class. It’s essentially about a bum who finds money, fantasizes about what he’ll do with it, and then soon after realizes that money isn’t the key to his happiness. I wanted the story to have silent-film era humor, focusing on the actor’s physical comedy and facial expressions. The movie includes three different flashbacks, which we wanted to make highly stylized and over-the-top. They are my favorite part of the film, I think they’re the strongest and tightest in terms of style. We had one main actor throughout the film, with hopes of the audience sympathizing with his trials and tribulations. His incredible ability to show his emotions facially helped tell the story, as well as the somewhat vague, slightly confusing plot-line that transitioned between flashbacks and current time. The film starts at the same mundane, dreary world, but through his imagination you are able to travel to different places, times, and situations. The film’s strengths are definitely seen in the dream-like sequences of the film, and the story had potential however I don’t know if it was executed as well as it could have been.

If I had the opportunity to make this film over again, I would keep the actors and settings, however because of time constraints, shooting and editing was rushed, and not as planned out as it could have been. The film could use tightening in terms of the length of each shot and sequence, and moves rather slowly and redundantly in some areas. Working with my partner went very well, however a crew or one or more people would have made the experience run a bit more smoothly. I think a major regret I have about this film is not having the balls (and money) to shoot on 16mm. I hope I get the opportunity to do so again but I think it would’ve made the tone of the film a thousand times more authentic, and added completely to the general idea. All in all, I can say that for my next upcoming narrative project, I need to just spend time developing each and every shot and not rush for the sake of “just getting the shot”, because it’s very evident in the finished product. Lighting, costume, and setting also needs to be more thoughtful. I’m looking forward to spending alot of time on one particular project, and wish I could have done so for this film.


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