Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp
Marcel is voiced (untreated & unenhanced) by a genius named Jenny Slate
Written by Jenny Slate + Dean Fleischer-Camp

I have a feeling a few of you have seen this, but this short will always have a special place in my heart.
Marcel is just so endearing I wish she were my best friend, although I would be afraid of misplacing her….and I would feel quite fat next to her since a salad for a shell would be two bites from a leaf and mine a whole plateful of leaves. I first saw this last year on youtube when it was first posted, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I just think its brilliant!
When I was in elementary school I would make silly creatures out of lint balls and clay and googly eyes and shells or rocks. hahaha maybe that is why I love Marcel so much. Maybe its because she was my best friend way back in 2nd grade. That moment when she talks about her one regret in life I think is my absolute favorite. That pause just makes it so sad!

Well anyway this is another video I thought I’d share with you. Hey folks, at least it isn’t a cat video. I have plenty of those in my queue- I tend to have a bad habit of watching stupid cats doing stupid things until 3 in the morning.



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