Milk Man


So, this summer I entered mine and Dylan’s documentary in a small film fest in the Mission, The Excelsior Short Film Festival. (I will load the documentary as soon as I compress it and figure out how to put it on vimeo/youtube…coming soon). There was a collection of short films, from animation to docs to experimental music videos (by far the weirdest one about giant talking vaginas) written and directed by students, professionals and I guess I’d say amateurs. The festival was a little unprofessional, but needless to say I enjoyed the visit and it was pretty awesome meeting some of the directors. One student from SF State, Max Sylvester, entered two of his films in the fest, one called Wizard Heist, where a group of wizards try to rob a bank- pretty silly but thoroughly enjoyable. The other was quite short, and I just remember I was one of the few laughing out loud in the café at the time. Although it isn’t the best short I had ever seen, I thought it was pretty absurd and impressionable, at least compared to the roll of films shown at the time, pretty original.

If you guys want to see Wizard Heist, you can find it on Vimeo.


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