CinciStreet Graffiti

CinciStreet is a concept that began with my desire to shed light on underground artists and musicians throughout Cincinnati and nearby regions. This is the first episode representing graffiti artists. Each subsequent episode would illustrate other artists or bands.

Initially, CinciStreet was the result of an assignment I was given in an introduction to Final Cut class a few years back, and the first project I conceptualized, produced, shot, and edited solo. I enjoyed the pre-production element, making sure the talents were where they needed to be and I had permission to shoot on various premisses, etc. I personally, did not enjoy having to perform the role of MC, and the two individuals I chose as talent weren’t the best choice. I thought they were interesting and had a lot to say, but once the camera was rolling, they locked up. I had to really guide them through the interview process.

I have worked on team shoots like the 48 and 72 hour competitions, helped to write scripts, worked with audio production and lighting. I didn’t have an opportunity to illustrate my strengths in audio and lighting through this video. I did however achieve my goal, which was to create a legitimate, downloadable podcast. So, this go around, I look forward to working with a team and developing my skills in narrating and producing a short fiction piece.


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