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Hey Gang,

Here’s a scene from Drive. What really impresses me about this scene is the diversity of lighting of the car’s interior. It is very difficult to control the lighting inside a car, since it is such an enclosed space, and the only light sources, besides exterior street lighting, are the harsh lights on the roof of the car. In my narrative for Danny’s intro class, we filmed inside a car and had to use a shoddy flashlight setup. So it is interesting to see what professional filmmakers can do in such a challenging setting.

The light is almost constantly changing throughout the scene, especially with the flashing lights on the faces of Gosling and Co inside the car, and they also do a great job of using the headlights as character building. This is the first time the audience sees Gosling show off his driving prowess, and his manipulation of the car’s headlights prove to the audience that he knows how to pull off a heist – THAT MUCH IS CLEAR.

Towards the end of the scene, Gosling is literally running away from the light from the police helicopter. Overall, the lighting creates the tension of a getaway attempt.

Hope ya enjoy it, and go see the movie. It is very good.


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