Amélie takes a scary ride and falls in love

This scene is from one of (almost) everyone’s favorite film, Amélie. This is the scene where she takes a ride into the haunted house (perfect since it’s October! hehe) and has her first intimate moment with the guy she is falling in love with. The lighting in this scene is crucial to setting the emotions Amélie is feeling, because although she is in the spooky haunted house you can tell that she begins to feel something for Nino.

To create this feeling the lighting is play between foggy greens and yellows lighting up the haunted house, and a soft and warm light for Amélie. The beginning shots must have used lights with green gels to light up the walls and create a fill light from above. The yellow lights among the walls light up the different layers of the walls, to show the space of the haunted house and show what types of lights a real haunted house would use. By coming from below they don’t interact with Amélie or create extra lighting on her. After she comes out of the fog she is lit from the front, probably by bounced light. The angle in which the light is bounced from changes as the angles are shot. When she is facing the camera the light comes from the front to light up her entire face, but the colors are still warm and very soft. Then when the camera is angled so you see the side of her face from the top (0:31) she is lit from the side as if the light is coming from the haunted house’s skeleton prop.

Overall I think the lighting is very beautiful in the entire film because it is very warm and rich without being  too overwhelming. It is very soft and that is what helps the audience warm up to Amélie, and believe in her innocence. This scene in particular is very well done because of how the lighting lays between creating the feeling of the spooky haunted house, and creating a warm moment between Amélie and Nino.


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