Two Ladies and a Hill

(I’m having a hard time embedding the film, but here’s the link. But go watch it! It’s cute 🙂 )

Two Ladies and Hill is a really cute and funny short film about the exciting adventures little old ladies, Hilary and Elizabeth, go on while they still can. It starts off with Hilary standing near a curved dirt road looking disappointed as she waits for her friend to show up. She begins to think that she is no longer coming, but lo and behold, a smaller old lady comes huffing around the bend on her bicycle, she looks like she’s barely going to make it but slowly and surely reaches her friend and locks up her bike.

“Oh Elizabeth, do hurry! Or there won’t be any left by the time we get there,” says Hilary, slightly annoyed with the slow Elizabeth. This statement creates the story and curiosity the audience feels. What are they looking for? or What are they going to do?

The women begin walking up a hill through nature and we catch scenes of the trees around them and constantly hear bird sounds. There is a longer shot of a seagull flying above them, mixed with even more bird sounds, so the audience thinks (or at least I thought) that the women are going up the hill to see some birds. Throughout the film Hilary is seemingly annoyed with her dear friend Elizabeth, because Elizabeth is so slow, and our curiosity grows as we want to know what they need to hurry up for. The ending takes a twist, that I’m sure you will all love, and were not expecting!

I think that the reason this film works is because the concept of the story is so simple. These little old ladies need to make it up a hill to find something before it’s too late. Because it’s so simple, the story is told through the great acting of the two ladies, and through the mixture of nature shots  and shots with Hilary and Elizabeth. The only possible problem that I found with it, is that I think the bird chirping sounds were a little bit overdone, but they were overdone for a reason: to fool the audience. Because the ending is so great, I think the bird sounds can be forgiven.

Enjoy the film! Also I can’t wait for adventures like these when I’m a little old lady 😉


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