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The Fall (2006) (The scene is from 1:30-4:50)

This movie has a lot of really interesting work in it, I would definitely recommend it (even if you don’t like it, it’s worth seeing.) The basic premise of the movie is that a young girl befriends a bed-ridden man while staying in a hospital after breaking her arm and he entertains her with a fantastical story, which he begins to use to manipulate her into stealing morphine for him.

The lighting in this scene was done very particularly. Roy is trying to convince Alexandria to steal morphine from his neighbor’s cabinet. Alexandria is uncomfortable with the idea, sensing that it is wrong, but trusts Roy and wants him to continue the story. Roy’s face, representing the voice of “evil” is practically obscured in darkness, making him seem shady and sinister. Alexandria, representing innocence and purity is cast in direct light from the window. Her costume of all white makes her look almost angelic. They are sitting on opposite sides of the frame facing each other, emphasizing the contrast.



The assignment for this project was to create a short narrative in a way that told the whole story without using dialogue.

Act I: boy and his friends are completely detached from the real world and each other due to their electronics, until one day the boy’s ipod dies

Act II: boy wanders around lost and confused, runs into an older man playing guitar who then teaches the boy to play

Act III: brings guitar to school and shares his new abilities with his friends, creates interaction between them

What I think we did well was telling the story without dialogue. I think we used Point of View and Reaction shots well in order to convey the characters thoughts. I also think we did a pretty good job with the lighting (we spent a lot of time on it) but we were also lucky enough to have an overcast day when we shot outside.

What I think needed work was the acting (especially the older guitar man). His actions were really dramatic and unrealistic, and I wish we had spent more time working with him and coaching him. There are definitely a few shots that are out of focus, and we could have spent a bit more time on mixing the sound. Also, I feel that the story is a little too feel-good and predictable. I wish we had spent more time on writing the ending to make it more interesting.

For the most part I am proud of this piece, but it seems a little young looking back on it. I think the message is pretty good though.